NYX is a collaborative drone choir and otherworldly electric chorus, re-embodying live electronics and extended vocal techniques. An experiential exploration of ambient, noise & electronic music, NYX makes ambient and ecstatic sonic landscapes, punctuated with acoustic glitching, polyphonic overtone and electric textures.

NYX’s approach to post-digital performance and composition is influenced Meredith Monk’s extended vocal technique, the electronic and acoustic body manipulations of Holly Herndon and participatory community music experiences like Peter Broderick’s The Beacon Sound Choir. Alongside performances, the collective continues to research health and social benefits of sonic immersion in relation to ethnomusicology, sound therapy, collaboration, feminism and new digital technologies.

NYX looks to reshape the role of the traditional female choir, testing the limits of organic and synthetic modulation to explore the entire spectrum of collective female voice as an instrument. In their first series of collaborative events, NYX collaborated with Hatis Noit, Gazelle Twin, Iona Fortune and Alicia Jane Turner.

“A lament for humanism. This is the future of spiritual music” - If Only

“NYX are incredibly skilled technicians, merging visceral, scratching vocals with live electronic manipulation as they stand at their mixing desks. The layers of powerful, stinging voices, the costumes, the choreography and the strobe lights: the show has total command over its audience.” - The Quietus

get in touch: hello@nyx-edc.com

Photography :: Jamie Cameron